Why Clients Love Us

I called Emerald City Attorney Network with a time-sensitive need for a Motion for Summary Judgment. ECAN listened carefully to my requests and circumstances and paired me with an attorney knowledgeable in my practice area. The resulting motion was so good the judge only had one question and didn’t want to hear oral argument — she was ready to rule. We won our motion and my client was ecstatic. Time is money and using contract counsel is a profit center. I essentially duplicated myself and was able to focus on other matters while earning a profit. I cannot be happier with ECAN and look forward to any opportunity to call them to delegate my workload.
— Seattle attorney
I was quite pleased with ECAN’s work: thoughtful, well-written, thorough. And they did it on short notice, which was a huge relief to me.
— Seattle attorney
We are a small firm — escapees from larger regional law firm — with a sophisticated business practice, and our preference to keep things small and simple sometimes conflicts with the needs of our clients and our desire to serve them. ECAN attorneys have ably filled a variety of roles for us, both in support and providing independent counsel on matters we would not otherwise be able to provide to our clients. We are very happy with the ECAN team.
— Seattle attorney

Increase your profitability while decreasing your risk

When you hire an associate, you have to pay that associate a yearly salary and benefits. That means you are paying an associate every day regardless of whether or not you have enough work for them. A contract attorney is only paid for the work done, without benefits. If you divide an associate's salary and benefits by the hours they work, you will find they are far more expensive than a contract attorney, yet you can bill a contract attorney out to your client at the same rate. This means you have less risk and increase your bottom line.

Expand your business

A contract attorney allows you to take on more clients. Have you ever had to turn away a client because you were just too busy? Never do that again. Instead, hire a contract attorney to take some of your legal research, writing, and document review, etc. from you, making it possible for you to bring in that new client. This will help expand your practice overall. Those new clients will become returning clients and help your business through your slower periods.

Keep your clients coming back with more business

Most attorneys have that one pile of work that they know they should have finished a while ago. Most attorneys have also had to field that call or email from a client asking for a progress report on work they haven’t completed yet. Why not hand that excess work to one of our talented attorneys who will finish it in no time while you attend to your other business? Your clients will be impressed and they will be more likely to send you additional work and a check instead of an email asking for another progress report. All that means more profit and higher customer satisfaction.

Restore your work-life balance

We all know that attorneys find themselves with too much work at various times. Often, a lot of that work will have a short deadline. Contract attorneys are accustomed to quick turnarounds. Hiring a contract attorney will allow you to turn some of that stress and pressure into profitable billable hours for yourself or your firm. You can get back to enjoying that weekend instead of spending it at the office, while still keeping your clients happy and turning a profit.