who we are

Emerald City Attorney Network is a group of Seattle-based contract attorneys (also known as freelance or on-demand attorneys) committed to producing high quality, reliable work product to help you and your clients achieve a successful outcome. You can rely on us to quickly assess your needs with minimal explanation and supervision. Emerald City Attorney Network strives to make its clients' lives easier during periods of high workload while also improving overall profitability.

how we work

Our goal is to make your job easier. While we are certainly willing to come to your offices to talk and learn about the case, most often the project can be adequately described with a short phone call and/or a few emails. After contacting us, we are able to pick up the assignment quickly and independently, letting you get back to your other important work. We are more than happy to come directly to your office to review documents or files when necessary. Our hiring attorneys are amazed at what we are able to accomplish with very little effort on their part and often within a short time frame. We are always available to answer questions or explain any of our work on very short notice.

Why we started

Most small firms in Seattle come across times when the workload is just too much, but in today's economy, many want to avoid taking on more associate salaries, plus benefits, when they might not have enough work to keep the associate busy full-time. Often, the only solution is to sacrifice life outside of work. Emerald City Attorney Network was founded by Andy Backlund to offer an alternative option to this sacrifice.

After surveying the available means for hiring good contract attorneys, Andy discovered that Seattle is sorely lacking a network to connect good contract attorneys with hiring attorneys and firms. Yes, there are plenty of head hunters and a few independent contract attorneys, but Emerald City Attorney Network is different in that our goal is to develop a relationship with our hiring attorneys, rather than provide a simple service, so that they trust our comprehension of the project and the resulting work product. A hiring attorney shouldn't have to micromanage or worry about a contract attorney. With an Emerald City Contract Attorney, you can be sure that you will get reliable, prompt, and efficient work product with minimal supervision every time.